Tundish Boards

We are counted among the most prominent Tundish Boards manufacturers and Suppliers in India. As the Tundish Lining Boards are silica and magnesite based, various customers from domestic market are placing huge and repeated orders. Moreover, countable features like high durability and insulation capacity have also played a vital role in the enhancement of the demand of Cold Tundish Boards. Customers are also eased with the availability of the customized Tundish Boards as per the specific specifications provided and at the most affordable prices.

Silica Base Tundish Board

Specification Tundish Pad Cones & Impact Pad
SiO2 ≥90 ≥90
Fe2O3 ≤1 ≤1
C(%) 3 - 5 3 - 5
Bulk Density (gm/cm3) ≥1.2 ≥1.9
App. Porosity (%) ≥45 ≥25
C.C.Strenght (Kg/Cm2) 25-30 45-50
Application Temp. Deg. C ≥1650 ≥1650
Humidity (%) <1 <1
Ignition Loss (%) 5-5.5 4.5-5.0

Sealing Compound & Ramming Compound

Specification Sealing Compound
Reading for use
Ramming Mix
Ready for Use
SiO2 (%) ≥85 ≥85
Al2O3 (%) 5-7 5-7
CaO (%) ≤0.5 ≤2.0
MgO (%) ≤1.0 ≤1.0
Fe2O3 (%) ≤0.5 ≤5.0
C (%) ----- 4-7
Alkalies (%) 3-5 ------
Application Temp. Deg.C ≥1650 ≥1650
Moisture (%) ----- ≤9.5
Bcpl Nozzle Opening Compound : It is a free flowing refractory particular material used in the ladle or tundish sliding gate to prevent skulling and steel freeze-off and ensure easy opening at the start of casting.

Description : It is a highly refractory, granular product with selected particle size and distribution remains flow able at high temperature ensuring consistent and trouble free ladle slide gate operation

Application : For achieving the best result it should be preheated at around 100C for about an hour to drive out any physical moisture

The nozzle cavity should be cleaned of slag and any refractory particles before application. The quantity of Nozzle Opening Compound to be applied should be carefully determined so that the nozzle cavity is entirely filled with a slight mound at the nozzle top. It should be applied with a suitable applicator to ensure that the product is applied at proper place.

Function : Successful operation of ladle slide gate depends to a large extent on the use of proper nozzle filling compounds and operating conditions the nozzle filling compounds should have sufficient refractories to prevent sintering of the particles at high temperature and good flow ability.

Benefits : Good nozzle opening performance is ensured
  • The need of oxygen lancing for opening the slide gate nozzle is minimized
  • Well block and nozzle life is increased.

BCPL Exothermic Insulating Sleeves
The Main requirement in the casting of small ingot is to maintain the head metal at a high temperature during the relatively short body solidification period. This a achieved by heading with a highly exothermic and rapid. Burning Exothermic Insulating Sleeves feeder head which raises its own temperature during the burning period to a level near to that of the liquid steel. The solidifying chill portion of the ingot can thus be fed from the liquid head metal reservoir.

Application : Its one piece heads are custom designed for wedging wholly or partly super imposed into ingot moulds. Where partly superimposed it is usually necessary to weight the feeder head in order to prevent flotation due to buoyancy.

BCPL Exothermic Insulating Sleeves should be used with the appropriate grade of anti piping compound.

Function : Exothermic Insulating Sleeves feeder heads are normally supplied as one-piece units to ensure the adequate feeding of small ingots up to 15 tones in weight. A high Proportion of steels made and fed in this manner are specialist highly alloyed tool, die and stainless steel qualities.

Benefits : Goods dimensional accuracy for easy of fit highly insulating residue on completion of burning. Low fume evolution during the exothermic burning period. Easy striping from ingots heads. Goods resistance to Thermal and Mechanical shock. Low moisture pick up.