Monolithic Division

It is primarily engaged in the production of high Alumina Castables, low Cement and Ultra low Cement Castables as well conventional Castables, Ramming Mass, Air Setting Mortars, Aggregates etc., the above is packed up by application engineering and after sales service. This division has in house cement manufacturing facilities and on line weighing and bagging system.

  • Calcium Aluminate Binder
  • Plastic Refractory
  • Conventional Castables
  • High Alumina Mortar
  • Ultra Low-Cement Castables
  • No-Cement Castables
  • Tabular Alumina Castables
  • Bubble Alumina Based Castables
  • Basic Castables
  • Insulating Castables
  • Self flow/pumpable Castables
  • Precast Prefired Shapes
  • Shrinkage Mortars
  • Ramming Masses
  • Calcined Clay, Diaspore, kynite, Bauxite
  • Synthetic Mullite