Insulating Castables

BCPL offers a range of Lightweight Insulating Castables in the BC Incast series to conserve heat in furnace. High Temperature Insulating Castables are light but adequately strong and have low conductivity, thus serve as hot face or back up insulating refractory lining. We are renowned among the most dependable Insulating Castables Manufacturers in India.

BC Incast castables are produced in the density range of 400 to 1600 kg/m3. Additionally, medium purity and high purity grades of the insulating castables are available in the range. For reducing the environment, the high purity (low iron) variety is used.


Form Powdered
Packaging Type Drum/Barrel, Packet
Density Range 400 to 1600 kg/m3
Application Refractory material
Color Grey
Max Service Temperature 1450 degree C