High Alumina Refractory Brick Division

It is engaged in manufacturing of High Alumina & Fireclay Refractories. The Product range from 99% dense Alumina Bricks to normal Fireclay Refractories.

  • 85% High Alumina Bricks for Sponge Iron (CO. Resistant)
  • Pure Oxide Refractories 99% Bricks for high temkperature ceramics/refractory kiln & chemical industry.
  • Mullite Refractories for glass application as well as for high temperature kilns & High RUL Blast Furnace Refractories from Synthetic Mullite aggregates.
  • Zircon based Refractories with low iron for glass Industries.
  • Bauxite based Refractires with low iron for application in Cement rotary kiln, Steel Ladles etc.
  • Silliminite bricks upto 62% Al2O3 for various applications.
  • Kynite based Refractories for application in blast furnace stack & stoves.
  • Recuperated Tube High Alumina & Silicon Carbide for Soaking Pit.